10 Times Love Saved The Day In Mecha Anime

Romance plays a larger part in mecha anime than most believe. Surprisingly, there are quite a few romantic couples to come out of the sci-fi genre. However, not all mecha relationships are reciprocal or even romantic in nature. Sometimes it’s a familial bond that drives the protagonist to save everyone or a deep sense of self-respect in the face of betrayal.

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No matter what form love takes, affection between characters can be the deciding factor in a fight. Mecha characters will sacrifice themselves to save the world and protect their loved ones. Saving the day requires a compassionate heart, and mecha heroes always deliver heartfelt moments to fans.

10/10 Hiro Gives Zero Two The Acceptance She Needs

Darling in The Franxx

The Darling in the Franxx couple find each other many times throughout the series, proving their feelings through action. It’s clear that Zero Two and Hiro are fated to be together, but that doesn’t free their relationship of its many complications. Zero Two feels insecure about her status as a klaxosaur hybrid, and the negative stereotypes surrounding her reinforce that feeling.

As a result, Zero Two acts like the monster that everyone believes her to be and hurts Hiro in a rage. Despite the conflict, Hiro gives Zero Two the acceptance she needs when he confesses his love to her. While addressing Zero Two’s insecurities isn’t exactly saving the day, Hiro’s love heals the rift between klaxosaurs and humans.

9/10 Simon Frees Nia From The Anti-Spiral

Gurren Lagann

Simon is determined to save Nia from the moment he breaks open her pod. Nothing signifies their bond like their reunion in episode 27 when Simon stops Nia from being weaponized by her father. As the daughter of the Spiral King, Nia is an unwilling part of the Anti-Spiral consciousness.

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When Nia’s dormant genes are activated, her feelings for Simon disappear along with her free will as she becomes the voice of the Anti-Spirals. Simon’s love for Nia saves the day when he reminds her of the past. By doing so, he breaks down the Human Extermination System that controls Nia, stopping her from annihilating humanity.

8/10 Allura Chooses Herself Over Lotor

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Self-respect is the highest form of love, and Allura exemplifies that best when she leaves Prince Lotor. After finding out Lotor’s sinister intention, Allura immediately confronts him for using her feelings. While his love for Allura may be genuine on some level, Lotor does manipulate her to gain access to the Oriande.

Allura wastes no time in attacking Lotor, putting her duty as the princess of Altea before her romantic feelings. Allura deserves respect for loving herself enough to kick Lotor to the curb. She saves the fate of Altea by staying true to herself and prioritizing her friends, rather than a misguided man who claims to love her.

7/10 Kallen Reminds Lelouch Of What He’s Fighting For

Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion

Kallen and Lelouch save each other many times in the mecha anime, which speaks to the loyalty between them. As one of the strongest Black Knights, Kallen protects Lelouch from many threats, including himself. Lelouch experiences deep self-deprecation when he becomes a wanted criminal, but Kallen quickly pulls him out of despair by reminding him of their mission.

Although their relationship is more dutiful than romantic, the devotion Kallen shows him is instrumental in saving the nation. Arguably, Kallen’s love for Lelouch is what saves Japan. Her loyalty to Zero knows no bounds, and she proves that by defending him to the end.

6/10 Kira’s Love Shows The Potential For Peace

Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed

After finding her pod, Kira brings Lacus back to the Archangel, and she quickly adapts to changing sides. Kira and Lacus form a connection despite being enemies, and their forbidden romance shows the potential for peace between Naturals and Coordinators. The Archangel crew embraces Lacus because of Kira’s love for her, ultimately proving that the war is unnecessary.

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When Kira saves Lacus from dying, it makes her fiancé Athrun uncomfortable. After fighting for so long, the prospect of peace is unthinkable for him and the PLANT Supreme Council. Although romance doesn’t end the war, it does prove that the division between Naturals and Coordinators is considerably outdated.

5/10 Misato Does Her Best To Care For Shinji

Neon Genesis Evangelion

It’s not easy to be a parent, but Misato tries her best when she takes in Shinji. Shinji doesn’t have many parental figures in his life, so his relationship with Misato influences him deeply. The Third Child is insecure about his position at NERV, but she encourages him to be the Evangelion pilot that Tokyo-3 needs.

Though Misato is awkward with him at first, the two form a genuine familial bond that becomes instrumental in fighting Angels. Although Misato’s compassion for Shinji doesn’t stop the Third Impact, it certainly helps save Tokyo-3 on many occasions.

4/10 Amata’s Love For His Mom Drives Him Forward

Aquarion Evol

It’s clear that Amata Sora loves his mother, despite her abandonment of him in the past. Amata’s desire to reunite with her drives him forward throughout the series, inspiring him to keep his loved ones close. Even though Amata believes his antigravity powers are the cause of his pain, he still uses them to protect his childhood friend Mikono.

Although Amata is not the Solar Wing everyone believes he is, his piloting skills are unmatched. Amata saves the day by defeating Kagura in Aquarian Love form, and his mother’s love helps him achieve victory.

3/10 Hitomi Always Looks Out For Van

The Vision of Escaflowne

Hitomi can sense when Van is in danger thanks to her divinatory pendant, so she always has his back. She also has has psychic abilities that allow her to read fortunes, and her foresight saves Van several times. Hitomi’s power stops the Guymelefs from attacking the young king and helps him connect with his Escaflowne on a deeper level.

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Hitomi saves the day by looking out for Van and keeping him out of constant danger. Hitomi’s love for Van is clear because she watches his enemies and cares for his wellbeing. With Hitomi by his side, Van is virtually undefeatable.

2/10 Sosuke Puts Kaname’s Safety First

Full Metal Panic

Sosuke and Kaname have a rocky relationship from the start, but it quickly develops into concern for each other. Sosuke insists that Kaname save herself, but she stays behind to look after his safety. He draws a gun just to convince her that she needs to leave. Their willingness to sacrifice for each other is proof of their deepening bond.

Sosuke prioritizes Kaname’s safety as her Mithril guardian, but his love for Kaname motivates him the most. Thinking of Kaname helps Sosuke defeat Gauron, saving everyone from the terrorist’s excessive brutality.

1/10 Lelouch Saves The Nation For Nunnally

Code Geass

Lelouch’s devotion to his sister inspires him to fight Britannia, and the entire nation benefits from his love. Determined to free Japan of Britannia’s rule, he adopts the secret persona of Zero and leads the Black Knights into war. When devising a rebel plan, Lelouch doesn’t think of saving the nation but of creating a safe place for his sister Nunnally.

However, things become complicated when Nunnally openly challenges his ideals. Although many of Lelouch’s plans don’t pan out, he still finds motivation in his Black Knight comrades. More than a rebel leader, Lelouch is a caring brother who would risk anything to save his sister.

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