6 Anime Like Dance Dance Danseur [Recommendations]

Five, six, seven, eight, and Dance Dance Danseur takes the stage! Arguably one of the best gems of this season, Dance Dance Danseur has all the makings of an epic Sports Anime, except it’s not really about a sport. However! The blood, sweat, and more sweat shed in this anime is no less intense than what one would see in Haikyuu or Free!, and it definitely has all the drama necessary— from burning rivalries to unwavering determination, to a compulsive desire to make it to the top! Here, we follow Junpei, a martial artist who for some reason can’t forget the exhilaration he felt watching a ballet performance as a child. A chance meeting with his classmate Miyako, whose mother runs a ballet studio, and some gentle persuasion (none at all, he was already jeté-ing at the suggestion) wins the angst war in his head about ballet vs. martial arts, and off he goes, on a journey to discover his passion, his self, and possibly the rival he didn’t know he was looking for. All that is accompanied by his can-do attitude!

So if this cheerful and zesty protagonist who explores some real character growth, against a beautifully animated narrative captured your heart and you’re looking for something more in the same vein, Honey’s Anime has got you covered with our list of 6 Anime like Dance Dance Danseur!

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