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Eva’s First Impression

First off sorry for the delay everyone, I had lost power and the internet kept dropping from the winter storm! Unless my schedule says otherwise, all future entries will be on Thursdays, the same day it airs!  Without any further delay, lets get started!

Time for another romance woohoo~! I’ve read this manga a couple of years back, but I can’t remember where I left off, but I think I read up to the latest chapter at the time. That said, I also can’t remember anything apart from Saki’s biggest flaw at the moment, as well as the tragedy of cutting his beautiful long hair, so I’ll be going into this series somewhat blind once again.

Introducing our sweet bean Hinase Hotaru! She’s a nice girl who isn’t shy of speaking of the mind. She has never fallen in love, nor ever had any interest in it really until she meets Hananoi Saki. The way his world seemingly revolves around love, and how she suddenly gets pulled into it when he confesses to her makes her a little curious about it. Hotaru considers herself to be a strange one, as she doesn’t understand what it’s like to fall in love, let alone hold any special feelings to anyone in particular. She even likened herself to be a cyborg or something or the sorts, and even went as far to say it’s precisely because of that she has no business falling in love. Although Saki had offered to do a trial period, she actually declined this offer because she knew he’d be the one to get hurt. However by the end of the episode, she did end up changing her mind when she came to realize, one of the aspects of love, is her partner being able to treasure something that important to her, and that’s something she’d like to be able to experience. She never disliked Saki, but she does like him platonically at least, so she’s willing to give this a shot, to see if maybe she can comes to understand and fall love like everyone around her can.

Saki on the other-hand, is a very sweet guy, however he has a glaring flaw that has certainly contributed to his past relationships falling apart.

Just let me enjoy his long hair while it lasted q v q

His concept of love, is devoting himself to one person he considers to be his soulmate, so he wonders if maybe he hasn’t show enough love, and perhaps his exs were never his soulmate in the first place. However there’s one glaring flaw, and it’s the way he ‘devotes’ himself to the said person. Saki has a bad habit of actively molding himself to appeal to whoever he’s dating. The first exact example of that was when he cut his hair after Hotaru had told him (not realizing he was referring to what her tastes/preferences were), prefers her hair to be short because it’s easier to take care of. The second instance, was when he took off his earrings because he got the impression maybe she didn’t like flashy things. This might have been what contributed to his ex’s calling him “creepy”, or drifting apart in their conversations because it just feels wholly one-sided when he’s not sharing anything about himself as a person, which includes his interests and likes and dislikes.

The main season Saki became enamoured by Hotaru was for one simple reason: She talked to him like it was no big deal, and she showed kindness when others would have otherwise ignored him. And boy Saki did not waste time, because it was the very next day, he confessed to her, which brings us to the third point: Of not truly being in love with the other.

This combined with the way he doesn’t really share anything about his own interests is probably the biggest contributor to his past breakups. It was probably just within twenty-four hours since he had officially broken up when he confessed to Hotaru! Talk about a shocker to the recipient, who also happened to be present when the break up took place!

And if that wasn’t problematic enough, Saki is that he doesn’t think much about himself, at all. He didn’t think twice when he decided to cut his hair, he took off his earrings thinking Hotaru didn’t like flashy things, he stayed back for hours on end searching for her hair clip in the snow— while neglecting to be mindful of his body’s by refusing to stop and think that it’d be a good idea to make sure he’s dressed more warmly if he was going to commit himself to the task. That’s why I’m glad Hotaru yelled at him for it,  because if she hadn’t I don’t think he would’ve listened at the time. He needed some sense slapped into him. Also, while Hotaru saying he could die if he kept at it like this might’ve been an overkill, FROSTBITES ARE NO JOKE SIR. TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY!!!! Thankfully Hotaru was quick to notice this, so I appreciate for her telling him that she wants him to be true to himself, and that if it means only one person gets to be happy, then she doesn’t want to ever fall in love.

These two have a lot to learn from each other, and that’s perhaps what’s going to make them such a good pair. Saki can teach Hotaru the language of love, while Hotaru teaches him to value himself and assist him in killing that bad habit of molding himself into what his target of affection wants him to be. Both of them are the caring type, as both of them had thought to look for the other’s precious lost item. Saki found her hair clip, and Hotaru found his missing earring (though I hope she happened to clean it because he put the thing back on right away!!!), and I think it can be safe to say it’s a moment that served as a catalyst for both of them. While Saki was happy to hear her accept becoming his girlfriend, even for a trial period, I think the fact she had searched for his missing earring touched him the most. As Hotaru had observed, Saki must really like his piercings because he wears them despite it being against the dress code.

Overall great start, I’m really looking forward to watching this one this season. I’m willing to give up to three episodes to see if it clicks with writing. I’m also waiting to see how Go, Go, Loser Ranger! premiere goes, as I’m still weighing whether I’ll be covering two or three shows this season.

Possibility of Blogging: 75% – Will give it three episodes to see if it clicks!