Does Saitama remember Genos’ death? Explained

One of the most shocking moments of the One Punch Man manga to this day would probably be the time when Genos died a brutal death at the hands of Garou in the Monster Association arc. It was a moment that took the entire Internet by storm as fans worldwide mourned the beloved character’s death. … Read more

Voice Actress/Artist Azusa Tadokoro to Stream Her First-Ever Acoustic Live Performance Online

What You Need to Know: Azusa Tadokoro, known for her work as a voice actress and artist, will be holding her first-ever acoustic live performance on December 22, 2023, and the entire show will be streamed online. While she has included acoustic arrangements in past solo shows, this occasion marks her first exclusively acoustic performance. … Read more

Jin-Woo Is EXPOSED! Faces A Dark Fate?

There’s no denying that Sung Jin-Woo is a totally different person from the one fans have seen in the first episode. His drastic transformation has already captured significant attention. However, Solo Leveling Episode 6 hints that he will soon become the talk of the town, thanks to his unexpected strength. Since he is now captured … Read more

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun S2 Ep 6

Gonna be real with you guys: This episode was super uncomfortable to watch, and that was all because of Aoi. She has no remorse whatsoever for what she has done because she feels like her actions was justified. You could tell she was getting irritated with the fact Fumiya told her she took it a … Read more

Hula Fulla Dance – All the Anime

February 7, 2024 · 0 comments By Jonathan Clements. Unsure of what direction to take in life, high-school graduate Hiwa Natsunagi (Haruka Fukuhara) decides to become a professional hula dancer, like her late sister Mari. But she soon begins to wonder if hula dancing is the thing for her, when she proves to be the … Read more

Top 5 Anime Streaming On Amazon Prime For Your Binge-Watch List

While Amazon Prime might not be the go-to platform for anime enthusiasts, it boasts a substantial collection of fantastic titles, ranging from mainstream hits to hidden gems. Whether you’re a dedicated anime fan or a newcomer exploring the genre, Amazon Prime offers a diverse selection, ensuring there’s something for everyone with a subscription. ‘Vinland Saga’ … Read more

Will the Dark Fantasy Anime Return?

Kingdoms of Ruin, also known as Hametsu no Oukoku, is a dark fantasy anime series based on the manga of the same name by yoruhashi. The anime follows the story of Adonis, a human boy who was raised by a witch named Chloe and learned magic from her. However, his peaceful life is shattered when … Read more

Maaya Sakamoto’s Long-Awaited New Single, “Dakishimete,” the ED Theme for The Fire Hunter Season 2, to be Released on Digital Platforms on January 15, 2024! New Artist and Jacket Photos Also Revealed!

Maaya Sakamoto has announced the digital release of a new single, titled “Dakishimete” (meaning “hug” or “embrace”). This song has been chosen as the ending theme for the second season of the WOWOW original anime The Fire Hunter, which will be available for streaming from January 14, with the first episode offered for free. This … Read more