Bocchi The Rock Review – All Ages of Geek

Hello everyone MinaRose2023 here with another short summary of an anime I just watched. Bocchi The Rock.

At first Bocchi says she suffers from anxiety and introverted. She later makes a friend while walking home from school. The friend takes her to her sister’s band venue. 

Bocchi meets Ryo there and later makes friends with and Ninjika who was the one who brought her to the band venue. They welcome Hitori (Bocchi) the their band. Then later Hitori meets Kita and together they are finally four in the band.

What I like about this story is that Hitori (Bocchi) seems to me like she’s autistic she has trouble interacting with others even though she wishes to have friends. She does slowly open up to her band mates but even then she struggles to. They eventually do a show at her school festival where everyone she knows shows up to support them. So all in all I think is a good representation to me anyway as an autistic person. 

Anyways if you can go give Bocchi the Rock a view it’s awesome music with four girls in a band together!