Creepiest Towns In Anime

There is no shortage of horrifying anime shows that can scare even fully grown adult viewers. Anime fans who love to get lost in dark stories were able to meet some of the scariest gigantic anime monsters, devious serial killers, and all sorts of cannibalistic creatures who feed on humans and do it with intense pleasure.

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Naturally, these terrifying monsters also need a place to live and thanks to them there are a couple of towns, cities, and villages in anime that creep out viewers even though they’re only fictional. These fictional settlements are filled with anime serial killers and monsters and while some places try to defend themselves with enormous walls and investigators there are plenty of places where the residents aren’t even aware of the looming and very deadly dangers.


7/7 Manila – Trese

Trese is the perfectly spooky blend of crime and horror and is set in a dark fictional version of Manila. In this malevolent and gloomy world, the criminal underworld is both populated and led by supernatural creatures. Alexandra Trese, a private investigator has to face these deadly creatures and find ways to protect Manila’s residents.

These scary mythological creatures in Trese were inspired by Philippine folklore which makes the story and the world feel much richer and more complex. As Alexandra uncovers the truth behind certain tragic events she realizes that both the human and the supernatural realms are in danger, and she’s the only one who is capable of saving everyone.

6/7 Hinamizawa – Higurashi When They Cry

Hinamizawa is one of the most charming and creepiest places in all of anime. This little place is home to Higurashi When They Cry‘s characters where the young teens have to face terrifying dark curses and fight for their lives thanks to the community’s Cotton Drifting festival.

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It’s a show with twisty dark mysteries as well as creepy characters and the hidden Hinamizawa that’s cut off from other bigger towns is the perfect setting for this iconic horror anime. As the chilling story unfolds every character has to deal with daunting psychological and physical abuse that makes this lovely place look like actual hell on earth.

5/7 Rural Town – Blood-C

Blood-C‘s unnamed rural Japanese town looks like one of the most picturesque places one could live. However, once the sun sets, there are enormous human-eating monsters roam the town looking for a snack. No one knows more about this fact than Saya, the young schoolgirl who is secretly hunting these deadly monsters every night.

Saya acts like a normal schoolgirl during the day, but secretly she is one of the strongest female anime characters. She protects her town’s residents while risking her life during deadly battles against these creepy creatures called the Elder Brains. For a while, only a few people knew about the monsters but as things intensify the Elder Brains get an increasingly bigger appetite.

4/7 The Capital – Akame Ga Kill

The Capital is Akame Ga Kill‘s biggest, prettiest, and most horrifying place. While it has a breathtaking palace-like design it’s where the most horrifying and dangerous characters live. It’s a dangerous place where they publicly execute the state’s enemies by crucifying them.

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It’s also where the residents are in constant terror thanks to corruption and the constant arrests that lead to either torture or public executions. It’s one of the most beloved anime shows with some of the most epic romances in battle shonen anime as well as surprising twists.

3/7 Victorian London – Black Butler

Black Butler‘s Victorian London might seem normal, but this fictional version is filled with horrifying monsters, demons, and all kinds of crazed murderers that make Jack The Ripper seem like an amateur. While most of the story takes place in Ciel’s home, the Phantomhive Manor, they often travel around London and visit various spots.

This iconic city never looked creepier and more dangerous than in Black Butler where the residents are in constant danger because of supernatural creatures and human murderers. Black Butler is one of the greatest gothic anime series with exceptional world-building that’ll make this fictional version of Victorian London feel both creepy and real.

2/7 Tokyo – Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular and scariest modern psychological horror animes. The show is set in a fictional version of modern-day Tokyo that’s divided into twenty-four Wards, each being more dangerous than the other.

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While some Wards are safer for humans and more dangerous for the deadly Ghouls it’s safe to say that even Ward 1 is one of the creepiest places in anime. Tokyo Ghoul is filled with horrifying Ghouls who hunt and eat the humans of the city who are just trying to live a normal life despite all the craziness. It’s a show with plenty of gore, horrifying characters, heartbreaking moments, epic fights, and one of the most iconic anime poses of all time.

1/7 Shiganshina – Attack On Titan

Even though the whole world of Attack On Titan sounds like the most terrifying place ever, even this brutal land has safer as well as more creepy and dangerous towns where the possibility of a resident’s death is much more likely. Attack On Titan‘s worst town is easily Shiganshina, which also happens to be the home to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

In AOT, humans are living safely thanks to three enormous walls that protect them from the deadly Titans. The Shiganshina district and its biggest town are right behind Wall Maria, which is the most outer wall. This closeness to the Titans proved to be highly dangerous and deadly when the Armored Titan surprised everyone and managed to break down a gate and breached Shiganshina’s wall.

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