Future GPX Cyber Formula Series Releases Long-awaited Character Songs & Drama CD Theme Song Compilation

40 Additional Songs in Total From 6 Titles

Now available for download on subscription services, including some high-resolution audio versions!

From theme songs to BGM and OSTs, all 389 songs are now streamable!

What You Need to Know:

  • Following the release of the original soundtrack at the end of March and some character songs in May, Bandai Namco Music Live Inc. will be making the beloved music from this series available online. Character songs that we could only listen to on CDs and theme songs from the drama CD, PICTURELAND series, will now be available on streaming subscription services. The titles will be streamed sequentially by each service and some will offer high-resolution audio downloads for certain songs. In 2022, all of the digitally remastered songs and high-res versions will be available for digital streaming for the first time ever. And to top it off, with this digital release, all of the theme songs, background music, original soundtracks, and character songs from the TV series and its OVAs, will be streamable as well. A grand total of 389 songs!
  • The series, which started in 1991, is an anime depicting the next-generation of motor sports, “Cyber ​​Formula”, where drivers drive race cars that incorporate cutting-edge technology to compete against each other, performing maneuvers at speeds that far surpass Formula 1. It’s of course a drama filled with thrilling and speedy race scenes and state-of-the-art race cars equipped with AI, but the story woven by the drivers, teammates, and other characters is what still captivates many fans to this day. The character songs sung by the main cast including Junichi Kanemaru, Kotono Mitsuishi, Toshihiko Seki, Hikaru Midorikawa, Show Hayami, Ryotaro Okiayu, Bin Shimada, Naoki Tatsuta and others, who are still very much active in the industry, are loved as musical works that together with the drama CD and its artwork, allow you to learn more about the characters. The show has entertained its fans with a rich and diverse lineup of rock songs, ballads, and duets.
  • Enjoy the sounds and music of the Cyber Formula Series which has been loved for over 30 years!
  • List of Streaming Titles

    6 titles in total

    • Heinel and Gudelhian ~GOOD FELLOWSHIP~ (Remastered2022) MUSIC ONLY EDITION
    • Knight Schumacher ~THE TRUTH~ (Remastered2022) MUSIC ONLY EDITION
    • Supersonic Legend Cyber Formula: LEGEND OF RACERSⅠ ~Special Race in Monaco~(Remastered2022) MUSIC ONLY EDITION
    • Supersonic Legend Cyber Formula: LEGEND OF RACERS Ⅱ RAINY NIGHT ~Bleed Kaga & Hayato Kazami~ (Remastered2022) MUSIC ONLY EDITION
    • PICTURELAND Series (Remastered2022) MUSIC ONLY EDITION

    *This is a “MUSIC ONLY EDITION.” Excluding the Drama Collection (PICTURELAND Series), only the songs will be distributed for streaming.

    Streaming URL:The popular theme songs, BGM, and OSTs are now available for streaming!

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