Fuuto PI – First Impressions

Based on the manga, Fuuto Tantei (Fuuto Detectives), Fuuto PI takes place in the city of wind called Fuuto. After the defeat of the evil organization Museum, private investigator Shotaro Hidari, and his partner, Philip, were working to protect the city’s peace from the remaining Gaia Memories, a memory unit similar to a USB drive, and monsters called Dopants. One night Shotaro encountered a mysterious, amnesic woman named Tokime. With Dopants still running the city, Shotaro and Philip must fight again as the hero of justice, Kamen Rider W, while uncovering Tokime’s true identity.

Fuuto PI is a sequel to the live-action television series aired in 2009: Kamen Rider W. From the first episode, they have made lots of references and information from the live-action series that might be a bit confusing to people who are new to the franchise. The confusion didn’t last long, though, since all it does is provide information to people who haven’t seen the series, so new fans could enjoy what this series has to offer while long-time fans can relive the nostalgia while at the same time get a fresh take on the series.

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