Get Ready to be Healed Anime Fans; The Great Cleric Adaptation Revealed


The Great Cleric is a new anime based on the light novel series by Broccoli Lion and the manga by Hiiro Akikaze.

Yesterday, it was officially revealed that The Great Cleric anime will be adapted from the light novels by Broccoli Lion and the manga by Hiiro Akikaze. This comes according to the Japanese news website Comic Natalie, which posted about the news, as well as an illustrated original key visual done by creator Akikaze.

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Dating all the way back to 2015, Broccoli Lion’s light novels were the basis of the 2017 manga, which is now the current storyline of the series. The 10th volume was released this past January, proving that this series is continuing to please fans.

The story revolves around a salaryman named Luciel who’s been reincarnated into a magical world named Galdardia after being fatally shot. In his previous life, he was known for being a nice guy, having a good heart, and being a hard worker.

Now that he’s Galdardia, he’s decided to pursue the study of healing in order to help others and prolong his life. The problem is he needs to learn how to heal, and finding training is not as easy as he thought. In order to get by, he has to start from scratch to learn about the magic of his new world and survive all of the dangerous threats in the process.

Being an isekai anime, fans of fantasy, RPGs, and other worlds will gravitate towards this series for its setting and familiar tropes. However, this is not a typical action-oriented anime by any means and takes its time to focus on Luciel’s training as he struggles to make ends meet.

The story also relies heavily on the evolution of the main character, not just through his powers and abilities but also through his psychological development. After all, he now has a second life to get things right and use his past experiences to change and become the best person he can be.

Kodansha’s US publisher Vertical has licensed the English adaptation of the manga, so if you’re eager to check out this series for the first time, you can start reading it while waiting for more details of the anime. Be sure to keep up with Twinfinite to stay up-to-date with all the current anime news.

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