Is TenPuru a Harem Anime Series?

Akemitsu seeks to break the Akagami family curse and shed the label of being a pervert. TenPuru is a new rom-com series, but is it a harem anime?

The TenPuru anime, also known as TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness, is based on the manga written and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka.

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TenPuru: Akemitsu Akagami’s Constant Battle Against Worldly Desires

TenPuru revolves around the protagonist Akemitsu Akagami who grew up with his father’s mantra, “No one can live alone.”

However, he resolutely held his ground, convinced that his father’s words were not delivered with good intentions.

Furthermore, he harbors no desire to tread the same path as his father did. One day, an encounter with a young woman ignited impure thoughts within him.

Akemitsu had no choice but to leave everything behind, become a Buddhist monk, and renounce worldly ways.

Determined to explore spiritual awakening, he sought refuge in a temple. The twist of fate, however, had something weird in store for him.

The temple he devoted himself to was inhabited entirely by beautiful girls and women.

The TenPuru anime is directed by Kazuomi Koga and the series composition is handled by Yohei Kashii. TenPuru is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Is TenPuru a Harem Anime?

TenPuru is an unabashed harem anime, seasoned with tasteful ecchi elements for maximum impact.

Akemitsu, who is running away from all sorts of perverted thoughts, ends up being at the center of this harem.

Upon encountering the adorable Yuzuki Aoba, he finds himself smitten, gradually falling in love with her.

However, during their first encounter, his suppressed impure thoughts unexpectedly resurface.

Convinced that his father’s perversion has cursed him, he takes refuge as a monk in the exclusive male-only Mikazuki Temple.

But fate has a twist in store when the first person he meets is none other than Yuzuki, in a rather compromising state.

Overwhelmed, he hastily proposes to Yuzuki. Besides Yuzuki, the temple is also home to Tsukuyo, Kurage, Mia, and Kagura.

And when the residents of the temple find out his family name, they reveal that his father owed the temple a staggering JPY 20 million.

Horrified by this revelation, Akemitsu finds himself compelled to reside at the temple as a menial worker until the debt is fully repaid.

Yuzuki firmly believes in his pure heart, but the others are determined to reveal his impure side, hoping Yuzuki will expel him.

They choose Tsukuyo to distract Akemitsu with her allure, assuming it will lead him to falter in his chores.

Tsukuyo decides to employ seduction and surprises him in the bath, but her own panic at his nudity results in an accidental fall.

But that fall leads to an unexpected kiss with Akemitsu, and to their dismay, Yuzuki witnesses the intimate moment.

TenPuru is filled with such accidental nudity and intimate situations, making it the perfect harem romantic anime series.

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