Jin as Gojo, RM as Loid, and more

BTS has achieved unprecedented success and greater heights in recent years. The septet’s fanbase has grown exponentially, indicating the group’s massive reach. This fervent fandom has also sparked creativity among ARMYs, resulting in a plethora of online content such as hilarious mimicry, remarkable video edits, and insane fan-made collaborations.

Amongst the plethora of ingenious content, BTS X Anime remains one of the most consumed and beloved phenomena. One major reason for this outburst online is also the Bangtan Boys’ keen interest in anime. From their outright love confessions for anime to streaming Haikyuu and My Hero Academia in greenrooms, tannies have established their close relations with Japanese animation.

Remember when BTS recreated this haikyuu picture

Remember when BTS recreated this haikyuu picture https://t.co/Pi5MEjAgnK

Here, we take a look at BTS members as anime characters based on their personality traits.

BTS as anime characters: The best of both worlds

1) RM – Loid Forger

RM as Loid Forger (Image via Youtube/Pinterest)

RM, also known as Kim Nam-joon, is most definitely Spy X Family’s Loid Forger in the anime world. From the innate tendency to protect their ‘chosen’ family to undertaking great risks in order to get things done perfectly, the two share strikingly similar personalities.

Given Loid is a spy and RM is the group leader, both of them shoulder huge responsibilities. They are methodical and intelligent and go to great lengths to complete their missions diligently.

2) Jin – Gojo Satoru

Jin as Gojo (Image via Pinterest)

Jin, the eldest BTS member is also the goofiest. Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen makes up for his perfect twin as both of them are the mood-makers of their respective realms.

While they appear nonchalant and cheerful with their friends and close companions, they also do not fail to call out authorities. Gojo’s unsympathetic attitude towards his enemies and blatant disrespect towards Principal Gakuganji can be equated to Jin’s unapologetic call out of antis alleging chart manipulation.

3) SUGA – L

SUGA as L (Image via Youtube/Pinterest)

The Daechwita famed singer, BTS’ SUGA is to find his soulmate in Death Note’s L.The two have important traits in common, such as problem-solving abilities and analytical minds. While both have a tendency to drag minimum spotlight onto themselves, their charisma and meticulous persona do quite the opposite.

The two have a calm demeanor and yet are not afraid to voice out their strong opinions. Whether it is L unmasking Light Yagami’s identity while sitting right beside him or SUGA’s remark on Bang PD (Bang Si-Hyuk) for tricking him into dancing, both have unique tactics to speak their minds.

4) j-hope – Luffy

j-hope as Luffy (Image via Pinterest)

BTS’ j-hope and One Piece’s Luffy are the long-lost siblings who share every ounce of their personality traits. From carrying a carefree and optimistic attitude towards life to spreading hope and smiles like confetti, both of them are ever-ready to put a smile on one’s face.

Their simplicity and self-assurance are powerful emotions that have the power to sway anyone. Their enormously bright and contagious smile, on the other hand, is the most similar feature that binds them together.

5) Jimin – Kamado Tanjiro

Jimin as Tanjiro (Image via Pinterest)

The protagonist from Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro is most definitely the reflection of BTS’ Jimin. Despite their constant struggles in life, whether it’s Jimin receiving explicit and abhorrent hate comments to date or Tanjiro surviving on the brink of death to protect his only family left, Nezuko (sister), the two are filled with kindness and compassion.

They love their close friends dearly and will lay their lives to protect them. Their humbleness, generosity, and gentle disposition are the reasons why fans endear them with all their hearts.

6) V – Gray Fullbuster

V as Gray (Image via Instagram/Pinterest)

Whether it is Fairytail’s Gray Fullbuster or BTS’ V, aka Kim Tae-hyung, both have a knack for going shirtless. With countless naked-chest selcas of the K-pop idol causing a frenzy among fans, it is clear where he gets this habit.

Both V and Gray have an obstinate and nonchalant personality until time calls for them to get in form and take extreme action. They appear as blunt and upfront people with killer judgmental looks but are quite the floofballs. The heartthrobs of the two realms are secretly soft-hearted individuals who will go the extra mile to show their love and affection.

7) Jung Kook – Yuno

Jung Kook as Yuno (Image via Twitter/Pinterest)

Jung Kook’s personality goes hand in hand with Black Clover’s child prodigy Yuno. The golden maknae and the exceptional grimoire holder share a highly competitive spirit. From Yuno’s tenacious devotion to surpass the magic emperor’s prowess to Jung Kook’s unwavering quest to achieve everything, they transcend all boundaries to give their best.

They are all-arounders who appear to have it all together, but it is their relentless hard work that propels them forward. Jung Kook and Yuno, despite their perfectionist tendencies, are both grounded and extremely humble.

BTS members have expressed their love for anime multiple times, and their attempts at recreating some of the most iconic poses in the anime history is a testament to the group’s fascination with animation.

Akin to anime protagonists, they too have exhibited deep values and moral ethics, making them one of the most loved boy band worldwide.

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