Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid Season 2 Episode 4

Circus time!

Like mentioned in the previous episode, Alice and the Duke head into the city to pay a visit to Circus Gemini to have a talk with Zain. They luckily happen to come across Hugo in the streets and are led to the circus. But with Zain out and drinking his sorrows away, Alice and the Duke get granted a temporary stay by the Ringmaster but have to be in the next circus show.

Most of the episode was quite cute. Unfortunately we never got to see whatever Alice had practiced, but we got to see the Duke practice and master juggling really quickly. I know what the Ringmaster means that he’s unique in the sense that he has such a curse. Everyone else in the circus are outcasts that are able to shine and play a part in this circus, and that’s how it usually goes with these types of groups. And the Ringmaster seems like a really chill guy. It’s nice to see that for once other than Alice and the Duke’s loved ones, complete strangers aren’t terrified of him. Even when he showed off his curse right in front of them they thought it was interesting. Which is the complete opposite of his entire life. Just makes me happy to see all the positivity, though I’m not sure what the Ringmaster was expecting when he wanted the Duke to use his curse in the show lol. It’s too bad the actual circus show wasn’t the main focus because I was really enjoying the song and laughing at the Duke’s very awkward walk on stage. But it makes sense we didn’t get to watch the show when the real focus of this episode was on Zain.

I knew when Zain told Cuff “For your sake, I would” he meant the opposite. Not a huge surprise because it was pretty obvious, but Daleth definitely wants to use Zain’s time magic to bring Sharon back. While she’s not breathing her heartbeat is still there so she’s in this really weird limbo, so it MIGHT be possible to bring her back? That is, if Zain will even want to return with her. Zain teased the entire episode that he was going to leave Cuff’s side, after that whole speech she made about not wanting to be alone. Whether he will leave her or not is the question, but I do think he does want to leave her. I do believe he did lie to Daleth just to get her off his back and protect Cuff, but if he wants to leave he’s going to be leaving on his own terms. Not to aid Daleth but just to leave Cuff in good hands at the Circus so she could live a normal life. He’s been hinting at this since the beginning of this season and it looks like we’re going to get a big scene between them based on the next episode title. Of course Daleth is going to be interfere though.

I really like that we keep getting more focus on Zain and Cuff as characters and their relationship in general. Again they’re fun characters and quite cute together. My thing is, I’m not the biggest fan of this plot point because we know how it’ll end. The characters obviously care about each other and doesn’t want the other to leave, but they want to leave anyway. They realize it’ll make them unhappy and someway somehow they’ll end up together anyways. It’s not the most groundbreaking thing so I’m wondering how they’re going to be playing this out. Maybe because I simply like the characters I won’t mind so much anyway, but this whole situation just seems a little too predictable.

I also like that little by little we’re getting a look into Daleth herself. We didn’t get much that we didn’t already know such as her relationship with Sharon and her plan in all this, but we see that she really has a complex about her face. Seeing her scars it didn’t seem like a huge deal but of course the cause of the scars makes it so. We don’t know the relationship she had with her sister, but knowing that her sister purposely disfigured her face is horrible and explains why she wants to hide her face so much. The trauma of it all is enough to make her panicky, and then having to explain to people why her face looks the way it does she would have to bring up that terrible memory again. Sade isn’t painting herself in the best picture right now. I would love to get a more in depth focus on Daleth and Sade for obvious reasons. Sade, we’ll probably have to wait on. But more Daleth would be nice.

It sounds like confession time next time so I’m expecting lots of emotions and drama~