The Best Anime-Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes Anyone Can Pull Off

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The variety of Halloween costumes each year is so vast that finding the perfect outfit might be a daunting task. Before you know it, the big day’s just around the corner. Anime fans are usually spoiled for choice in this regard as there are so many different characters to inspire a look, but some costumes are definitely more intricate and difficult to put together than others.

Besides the tricks, treats, and binge-watching all the best holiday classics, one of the most exciting parts of Halloween is undoubtedly the opportunity to dress up as a character. Year after year, folks look forward to all the costumes on display each October. Whether elaborate or simple, these looks are a huge part of the spirit of Halloween.

Thankfully, if you’ve let some time slip by—and can’t afford the time or money to pull of Giorno Giovanni’s flamboyant ensemble (or pretty much anyone in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure—there are still several anime-inspired Halloween outfits that you could whip up together at the last minute. Don’t feel left out; head to your closet or the nearest thrift store, and cosplay with some of these simple-yet-fun looks.

L (Death Note)

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The brilliant fan-favorite detective from Death Note is by far one of the easiest anime characters to cosplay in real life. L simply dons a long-sleeved white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Heck, he doesn’t even have shoes on, even in public. While you should definitely opt to keep your feet safe with some slippers or sandals, it’s going to be extremely difficult to mess up this look. Complement the outfit with some eyeshadow and jet black hair dye, and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you walk around with your own cake and slouch your shoulders at every turn. 

Abby (Great Pretender)

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If L is the male character with little to no style effort, Abby takes the cake on the female side. With a laid back look when she’s not on a mission, she opts for a plain yellow T-shirt, white denim shorts, sneakers, and a red cap in the first arc of the anime. There’s not much going for Abby fashionwise (she’d rather give her all when it’s actually required), but her look is pretty recognizable. It’s not like she’d care if you slammed her outfit anyway; she’s got bigger fish to fry.

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

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As one of the most famous pirates in anime history and one of the most iconic anime characters in existence, there have been several iterations and depictions of One Piece’s Luffy each Halloween. It’s easy to see why. Besides the straw hat, all the items that make up his outfit can easily be found at home, at a friend’s, or at the local thrift store. Luffy sports a bright-red, long-sleeved, unbuttoned shirt, rolled-up jeans or jean shorts, and a pair of flip flops. His accessories include a yellow scarf tied around the waist and a red ribbon around his straw hat. For the dog lovers, simply give your little pal a pair of brown shorts and a red top hat to have them cosplay Choppa for an easily recognizable duo.

Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

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Time to whip out the long broom from the storage closet to complete this iconic character’s simple and elegant look. In Kiki’s Delivery Service, a young witch moves across towns and uses her flying broom as her vehicle of choice for her new delivery business. Kiki’s outfit is extremely easy to come by, as she simply has on a long, blue dress, a red headband with a huge red bow, and red sandals. Practical, affordable, and very easy to come by, this look is sure to catch the attention of others, as the Walt Disney and Studio Ghibli film remains one of the most acclaimed anime offerings ever.

Arsène Lupin III (Lupin III)

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While there have been many versions of the famous grifter and thief, the anime character from Lupin III has some of the most easy to mimic outfits out there. Modern audiences may not be so familiar with Lupin III as the manga kicked off in 1967 and the anime in 1971, but it has become one of the longest-running anime of all time. Lupin wears a shirt, tie, trousers, and blazers, and makes sure that all these elements never match in color, giving a loud, yet gentlemanly look befitting for a man that hides in plain sight. Choose a bright yellow tie on a black shirt, some white pants, and a red blazer, and watch all eyes turn your way. Bonus points if you add a complimentary layer of mystery and swag to complete the look.

The orphans (The Promised Neverland)

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While The Promised Neverland wasn’t regarded for its fashionable looks, the uniforms sported in the anime are a great and affordable option, particularly for groups. All the orphans were clothed head to toe in white shirts and pants or skirts and completed the look with a pair of brown boots. You and your friends can ditch the formal shirts and go for a sportier look with all-white tracksuits, and none would be the wiser. Bonus points if someone dresses up as Mother in a maid’s outfit and temporary number tattoos will seal the deal.

Every anime high school student, ever.

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That’s right! Due to the fact that many anime are set in high schools, this would make for a wonderful group cosplay activity among friends. Start off with a white shirt, and work your way up from there. Grey blazers and pants or skirts and you’re members of Bleach’s Karakura High School. Red or blue pants or skirts paired with a dark blazer transports you to Baka and Test’s Fumizuki Academy. Pair dark green pants or skirts with grey blazers and you’re one of the rising heroes at My Hero Academia’s U.A. High School. The options are pretty limitless with this option. For the solo cosplayers, some hair gel or a nice affordable wig can turn you into a plethora of amazing high school anime characters.

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