Where Can I Watch the Chainsaw Man Anime?


Chainsaw Man is the newest hot anime to receive an adaptation with what promises to be a spectacular visual design for a striking Shonen anime experience. Newcomers might be confused by the initially odd premise, but will quickly be enthralled by great storytelling, endearing characters, and some genuinely exciting moments. Veteran animator studio MAPPA is behind this adaptation, along with a talented assortment of cast and crew to create what could be the next great anime experience for any viewer, especially if you don’t mind gore. You might be wondering how you can watch Chainsaw Man, and where, though.

Chainsaw Man Anime: Where Can I Watch It?

You can view the Chainsaw Man anime on Crunchyroll via its app or on your internet browser now, as of 9:00AM PT on October 11, 2022. The series will release episodes weekly every Tuesday, so check around that time each week throughout its 12-episode run. It’s unclear whether the series will receive more adaptations beyond those first 12 episodes, but anything is possible. As a gentle reminder, if you’re not subscribed already, Crunchyroll offers a 14-day Free Trial, after which you can watch anime like Chainsaw Man for as low as $7.99 USD.

Additionally, if you’re looking to keep ahead on the Chainsaw Man anime, be sure to check out the manga, which has recently entered Part 2. Thankfully, due to it being a Shonen Jump manga, it’s fairly easily accessed on the Shonen Jump reader app, listed on our recent Best Manga Apps of 2022 list! This way you’ll be properly ready for each moment in the anime, and even though you might know what happens, you’ll be delighted to see it spectacularly brought to life, with some awesome music to boot.

Chainsaw Man released on Crunchyroll on October 11, 2022, for those wishing to view the English sub.

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