10 Terrifying Anime Villains Even Scarier Than My Hero Academia’s All For One

My Hero Academia is a superhero shonen series where caped pro heroes like All Might and Hawks have their hands full with some truly scary and powerful villains. Each League of Villains member is a dangerous criminal with a dangerous Quirk, while the masked All For One stands above the rest as the terrifying symbol of evil.

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All For One is truly frightening with his immense combat power, unshakable confidence, and intimidating charisma alongside his helmet and voice. In the broader world of anime, though, there are villains with even scarier personas or deadlier powers who truly chill anime viewers to the bone.

10/10 The Spider Father Is An Arachnid Terror

Demon Slayer

Some demons in the Demon Slayer look like humans with claws and horns, but others, such as the unnamed “spider father,” truly resemble monsters. Rui, the Lower Moon 5, assembled a spider-themed family of demons, including a massive father to protect everyone.

The spider father is one of Demon Slayer‘s strongest demons outside the twelve Moons, easily a match for both Tanjiro and Inosuke. The spider father is huge, brutal, and has a nightmarish face of eyes and fangs. He was eventually killed when Giyu Tomioka intervened.

9/10 The Cancer Cell Is A Medical Horror

Cells At Work!

The edutainment anime series called Cells at Work! portrays germs as cartoony monsters with colorful bodies and simple personalities. They’re not too scary, but the villainous foe Cancer Cell is a truly frightening foe for many reasons.

Cancer Cell is a powerful, persistent fighter who can multiply out of control, and he wasn’t easy for the heroes to fight. He’s even scarier due to his mutated appearance and the real-life medical challenges that he represents.

8/10 The Gun Devil Is An Engine Of Slaughter

Chainsaw Man

In the recent shonen anime Chainsaw Man, devils are supernatural predators who embody humanity’s worst fears. The zombie devil was just the start, with the manga also depicting a bomb devil, a sword devil, and much more. The most fearsome devil is the almighty Gun Devil.

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The Gun Devil is a spine-chilling beast, a massive, hellish creature bristling with assault weapons and ammo belts. Every time it appears, the Gun Devil races across the land, massacring thousands of people in a matter of moments. Not even Denji and Power stand a chance against such horrific power.

7/10 Gecko Moria Can Steal People’s Shadows

One Piece

The former warlord of the sea Gecko Moria is one of One Piece‘s spookiest villains. He ruled the island Thriller Bark, where he and his equally creepy, Gothic-themed minions worked hard to raise a zombie army. Then Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates saw Gecko’s Devil Fruit in action.

Gecko doesn’t just look like a horrific Gothic monster with sharp teeth. He can use the Shadow-Shadow Fruit to steal someone’s shadow, which is a truly disturbing sight. Then, if sunlight touches the victim, they dissolve away, a gruesome way to go.

6/10 Orochimaru Is Ninja Body Horror


Orochimaru was one of Naruto‘s first and best major villains, a former Sannin who sought immortality at all costs. Orochimaru aims to learn all jutsu and cheat death, so he conducted gruesome scientific experiments on human bodies, including his own.

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Orochimaru is an example of body horror in anime. He can shed his body like snake skin and emerge from his own mouth, which is a revolting but fascinating sight. Orochimaru can also morph into a massive snake with a vaguely human face, composed of thousands of smaller snakes.

5/10 Pride Is All-Seeing, All-Devouring Mass Of Shadows

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Pride is the oldest and strangest of the seven homunculus siblings in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Pride presents himself as a well-dressed boy named Selim Bradley in public, but his real form is a mass of deadly shadows with eyes and teeth everywhere.

Pride can move quickly, stab his enemies, and eat anything in that form. He is also nearly impossible to kill and can fill an entire cave or tunnel with his shadowy body. It’s a terrifying body, and Van Hohenheim saw it with his own eyes before narrowly escaping.

4/10 Barragan Luisenbarn Represents Inevitable Death


Barragain Luisenbarn is one of Bleach‘s strongest villains and definitely the scariest. He represents the inevitability of death, how all living things and all matter must eventually die and turn to dust. When Barragan releases his zanpakuto, Arrogante, he assumes his grim reaper form to fit this theme.

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Barragan can spread his death aura to dissolve or rot absolutely anything, and not even Soul Reaper Captains can handle that terrifying power. Marechiyo Omaeda, a skilled assassin, was so afraid of Barragan that he could barely even move.

3/10 Acnologia Is Chaos Incarnate

Fairy Tail

Most of Fairy Tail‘s villains are cool or funny rather than scary, but the powerful black dragon Acnologia is an exception. Acnologia was once human, only to become the world’s most powerful and frightening dragon, one who will destroy anyone or anything whom he pleases.

Acnologia is a dark terror in the skies, capable of destroying entire islands with his breath weapon attacks. His dragon form is his strongest and scariest, but he is also rather intimidating as a long-haired, stern-faced humanoid with a black cape.

2/10 Mannish Boy Wields The Scariest Stand Of All

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

In person, the baby boy named Mannish Boy isn’t scary at all in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but once his enemies fall asleep, the real horror begins. Mannish Boy wields a Stand called Death 13, which attacks its enemies not in the real world, but in the victim’s dreams.

Mannish Boy’s enemies are helpless in that state, unable to call on their own Stands to fight back. Worse yet, Death 13 resembles a terrifying masked jester with long black robes and worst of all, a long, sharp scythe. With that weapon, Mannish Boy can execute any victim with ease.

1/10 Yamori Is A Jason-Style Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Many ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul wear scary masks and cool punk outfits to create a predatory counterculture theme. Ayato Kirishima dresses in all black, for example, and Noro is spooky with that odd mask of his. But none are scarier than the huge, masked Yamori, AKA Jason.

Yamori is a thuggish, tough ghoul who belongs to Aogiri Tree, and he loves to torture and fight his fellow ghouls. He’s even creepier with that hockey mask, his way of emulating the infamous Jason Voorhees – which inspired Yamori’s nickname.

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