10 Odd Things About Anime Romances Everyone Ignores

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Since viewers often turn to anime as temporary escapes from the stresses of daily life, little thought or care is extended to how unrealistic these anime can be. While this predominately applies to slice-of-life anime with supernatural elements, this sentiment can also be considered alongside the unbelievable aspects that impact romantic relationships in anime. RELATED: … Read more

The Best Anime Characters With Copying Powers

Copycat abilities in any medium are always a bit of a dice roll. Sometimes, they’re the most broken powers in their setting and other times they’re nothing more than a slightly-useful party trick. RELATED: One Piece: The Characters Who Are Closest To Laugh Tale But, in anime specifically, abilities that copy the abilities or aspects … Read more

Anime Characters Seemingly Inspired by Batman

The East and West have been inspiring each other’s media ever since the Ancient Chinese and Romans got vague reports about each other. Nowadays, it’s quite normal to see a Western cartoon show take on an anime aesthetic, like the Teen Titans cartoon or Miraculous. Related: Anime v. Cartoon: The Differences Between Both Animation Styles … Read more

10 Best Noir Anime, Ranked

It’s never been a more exciting time to be a fan of anime thanks to the wealth of streaming services and the unprecedented accessibility of content that’s currently available. Not only are there more places to consume anime than ever before, but there is also an abundance of storytelling genres that make sure that there’s … Read more

10 Anime Heroes Who Won The Battle But Lost The War

Anime heroes are very good at knocking down whatever enemy happens to be standing in front of them. Sometimes however, they have a difficult time looking at the entire picture. It’s this one-track mindset that can allow their enemies to seize an opportunity to take the advantage. Related: 10 Anime Heroes Who Deserved To Lose … Read more

Heritage Announces 1st Dragon Ball Showcase Auction – Interest

Heritage’s 1st anime showcase auction runs from October 20 – November 17 Heritage Auctions announced on Monday that it will hold its first ever anime-specific showcase auction, focusing on the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z TV anime, from October 20 to November 17. The auction will feature over 200 lots, including trading cards, production … Read more

10 Best Lovecraftian Horror Anime

H.P. Lovecraft’s stories have a timeless quality due to the very nature of the horror he was conveying. Lovecraftian horror is about the sense of existential dread humans get when they realize that the universe is a lot bigger than they could ever imagine. It’s a form of cosmic horror that focuses on entities so … Read more

Where Can I Watch the Chainsaw Man Anime?

  Chainsaw Man is the newest hot anime to receive an adaptation with what promises to be a spectacular visual design for a striking Shonen anime experience. Newcomers might be confused by the initially odd premise, but will quickly be enthralled by great storytelling, endearing characters, and some genuinely exciting moments. Veteran animator studio MAPPA … Read more

10 Anime Characters Who Put Family Before Work

Many anime characters are known for their extreme selflessness. Whether it be putting others’ needs before their own or putting their lives on the line to save their friends, these characters show time and time again how dedicated they are to protecting the safety of their comrades, even at the risk of their own jobs. … Read more